We are going GREEN for the month of June #hipdysplasiaawarenessmonth AND June 5 is World Healthy Hips Day

This month we have so many special celebrations lined up. #hipdysplasiaawareness & education is our mission!

We want to reach as many NEW MUMS, pregnant mums, physiotherapists, pediatricians, midwives, pregnancy educators, doulas, childhood nurses & GP's as we can !!

Too many times we hear from overwhelmed new mothers or family members with DDH diagnosis in the early days/weeks after birth having never heard of the condition. 

Early diagnosis is crucial!! A big reminder to CHECK THOSE HIPS!!

Routine hip checks should be performed at
- then at health reviews until 3.5yrs

We are also donating $2 from every sale to @international_hip_dysplasia institute

All month on our social media we will be sharing inspiring stories of babies, children and adults. All hip warriors who have experienced DDH. Read their amazing stories as we raise awareness for this diagnosis. 

What can you do??? SHARE SHARE SHARE💚💚💚 all month we’d love you to share, engage, tag so more people hear our message

You can make a contribution too. See our Homepage for info on how to make a tax deductible donation.

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