Developmental Milestones & DDH - Our chat with Britt from Upside Kids

Wonderful to chat with Britt from @britt_kidsphysio  & @upside_kids chatting your questions & developmental milestones. Britt touches on things to avoid & encourage

We recommend to always seek medical advice specific to your situation.

If you have any questions jump into our DMs Both Britt & I are always looking to work with families and educate in this space!

We hope you found this useful. WATCH the live replay HERE

Here is the key moments in this video (timings will depend where you view this from, some devices will count up and others count down - I have tried to accommodate both first time is counting up, second timestamp is counting down.)


1.20 or 61min Introductions 

5.22 or 60mins Seek Advice ALWAYS from your specialist first - this is just general advice 

5.33 Digestion & Constipation Concerns linked to less movement while braced

8.10 or 55.45 Playgyms, jumpers, support 'containers' What our children need to support their gross motor milestones? The controversy around these products 

10 or 54 mins How to get through the day

11 or 53 mins Overview of DDH 

14.15 or 49mins Checks for DDH - what to look for & when to ask more questions 

17 or 46mins Ask the Question! If you have concerns trust your instinct

45.40 Encouraging Movement in braced babies

19 or 44mins  Assessment & screening 

21 or 41 Prevention & activities to avoid 

33 or 31.35mins Healthy Hip Practices - swaddling & baby wearing 

36.3 or 27 Milestones & how DDH affects milestone developmetn

43.50or 20.3mins Milestone checklist/Guide - focusing on mini milestones not just the end goal milestones 

44.45 or 19.4 Back to belly rolling 

46.2 or 18.08mins Belly to Back rolling 

46.4 or 17.45mins Tummy time 

51.15 or 13.11mins Sitting (transitions to sitting)

54 or10.3mins Crawling & independent mobility 

56 or8mins DDH & Movement 

57or 6.15 Nurtring Hips - things to avoid 

59 or 6.15 Spica Cast & Play, age development play opportunities, messy play


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