Stories from Hip Warriors

Hip Dysplasia warriors and their families share their journey to help others. Honest and raw stories for parents and caregivers navigating hip dysplasia diagnosis, treatment & surgery.

DR BRIONY'S STORY - really comprehensive look at all aspects of brace life

ALY + AMELIA'S JOURNEY - Amelia is the babe featured in our marketing materials. Follow their journey and how Aly continues to raise awareness for parents of DDH babies. @mamajags

TIARNESS + ELLIS - Ellis is also featured in many of our posts & marketing. Check out their adventures @raising_two_daughters



 CHEZZI + SUNDAY - follow Sunday's spica cast journey as Chezzi navigates mum & cast life @chezzidenyer

ONE MUMS JOURNEY - from brace to cast to recovery

KINLEY'S SPICA STORY - an inspiring little girl so very determined 




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