Our journey into the world of Hip Dysplasia clothing

Adelle Gould Hipclothingau


My passion at Keiki Folk for the last 6 years has always been to help mums connect with their children through quality handmade clothing. As a new mum I struggled to find quality breathable clothing in generous sizing for my children, so I made it! Turns out, I wasn’t the only one wanting specialised inclusive clothing.

 In May 2020 I began to explore this passion on a deeper level, after the diagnosis of a friends child with hip dysplasia. They were desperate for brace friendly inclusive clothing that made them excited to dress their baby.

Hip Dysplasia is an abnormality in the hip joint, affecting 1 in 8 babies in the first few months or year of life, often requiring the child to wear a corrective brace. There is little to no choice for beautiful neutral & minimalist clothing like in the mainstream market.

 Keiki Folk will no longer be trading as you know it. Launching March 1st 

2022 Hip Dysplasia Clothing Australia @hipclothingAU Exclusively stocking our own Australian designed and made hip friendly clothing range with matching accessories, right here in Coffs Harbour!

 While the love, passion and quality in every piece remains the same, I will now be providing specialised clothing for hip dysplasia children. I look forward to connecting with strong, inspiring mums and going in this new direction.

Mums & Women are my motivation!! The struggles they face and the stories of overcoming those struggles. I love that I can help to make their everyday a little easier. We come together in our online community to laugh & cry, be still & busy, be alone & in a crowd, all at the one time. A little pocket of the internet that provides something practical, pretty and supportive.


Join us on our journey, I'd love to hear from you. How can i serve you? What support do you need? What services can we provide? Reach out and say HI!



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  • chiaraandcoaustralia

    What an inspiring journey you’ve shared! Your dedication to creating clothing that not only looks stylish but also caters to the needs of children with hip dysplasia is truly commendable. Your commitment to inclusivity and comfort shines through in every piece, making a positive impact on families worldwide. Keep up the amazing work!

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