Giving back to DDH families


Not every family has the same financial means and support as they navigate hip dysplasia with their child. We believe while parenting, community is everything. We are passionate about supporting fellow parents through diagnosis and treatment.

In our online community we have parents gifting items they no longer need including braces, hip friendly clothes and furniture. 

Throughout the year we host events & collect funds through online sales. We aim to raise funds contributing to families struggling with medical bills as well as the research around DDH. 

Your donations support the work of The Little Roo Foundation. Helping families with the costs of DDH treatment. We also contribute regularly to Healthy Hips Australia. Their work includes Peer Support, Awareness campaigns, Education resources, advocacy & research support. 


Keep following our social media and blog as we share new events & initiatives to give back in this space. 

Month Promotion/Recipient  Amount 

Hip Dysplasia Awareness Month (% SALES) 

Pavlik Covers Donated to Little Roo Foundation 


Customer donations & charity merchandise 

Healthy Hips Australia 






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