At Hip Dysplasia Clothing Australia @hipclothingau we believe all children should feel comfortable and included. We believe in creating on-trend, quality clothing options that parents enjoy dressing their children in, while they undergo brace or cast treatments. We aim to raise awareness & provide education around hip dysplasia diagnosis & treatment . We keep our mission in mind in everything that we do.


To understand why we pursue this mission, here is a little part of our journey. We once were a mainstream brand called Keiki Folk. As a new mum I struggled to find quality breathable clothing in generous sizing for my children, so I made it! Turns out, I wasn’t the only one wanting specialised inclusive clothing.


In May 2020 I began to explore this passion on a deeper level, after the diagnosis of a friends child with hip dysplasia. They were desperate for brace friendly inclusive clothing that made them excited to dress their baby. There was little to no choice for beautiful neutral & minimalist clothing like in the mainstream market.

 In March 2022 we rebranded to Hip Dysplasia Clothing Australia @hipclothingau, providing specialised clothing for hip dysplasia children. I look forward to connecting with strong, inspiring mums and supporting families through their hip dysplasia journey. 



We believe while parenting, community is everything. The support of fellow parent to bounce questions, problems and celebrate with is vital to family happiness.  Let's face it, parenting is HARD! Adding a diagnosis greatly increases stress, anxiety and loneliness.

@hipclothingau we provide a place for community! A shared space for families going through a DDH. You can find support in our private Facebook group, our Facebook & Instagram pages. 

We are also hugely passionate about giving back. Throughout the year we host events & collect funds through online sales. We aim to raise funds contributing to families struggling with medical bills as well as the research around DDH. 

Your donations support the work of The Little Roo Foundation. Helping families with the costs of DDH treatment. We also contribute regularly to Healthy Hips Australia. Their work includes Peer Support, Awareness campaigns, Education resources, advocacy & research support. Click here to find out more.



- Read stories, find links to hip healthy products & downloadables in our Support Hub 

- find a community of parents in our Facebook group, Facebook page or Instagram

- Shop our range of hip dysplasia baby clothes here 

We are proud to produce high quality specialised clothing for babies undergoing hip dysplasia treatment. Our product range is designed by me and tested by parents like you. Our designs are hand cut & sewn in Australia by myself and Carolyn. The highest quality fabrics sewn on industrial machines. 

We believe that every family can find help & support with Hip Dysplasia Clothing Australia community. Comfortable inclusive clothing for all children. 



We proudly collaborate with other Australian business and Organisations. We would love you to follow and support them too. 

Healthy Hips Australia 

Healthy Hips Australia's mission is to get Australians talking about hips. Their work includes Peer Support, Awareness campaigns, Education resources, advocacy & research support. Healthy Hips Australia aims to decrease the impact of hip dysplasia on the lives of Australians. To make a contribution  CLICK HERE 



The Mother's Village in our local area. A directory of local Support & Education amongst a village of mothers. Focused on helping families from conception to post partum & parenting. Find other villages near you @thevillage_clarencevalley @thevillage_sunshinecoast



After the diagnosis of their daughter with DDH in 2021, Little Roo the Label was born. This chic baby label donates a percentage of all sales to their foundation The Little Roo Foundation, helping families with the costs of DDH treatment. To make a contribution CLICK HERE