-Hip Dysplasia Clothing Australia-

To our valued community,

After 4 wonderful years of serving you as @hipclothingau and almost 10 years since I started sewing for your little ones, we have decided to close our business. We are deeply grateful for the support and loyalty you have shown us.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being a part of our journey.

Our sale will continue till all stock is sold. See our Social stories for studio items we are selling off. xx Adelle



Reducing rubbed, rashy skin. Check out our range of protective garments designed specfically to protect skin & make brace life a little more comfortable.


Easy dressing with no disruption to the hip position or brace function.

Compatible with all braces we have worked with parents to a make our designs brace friendly. 

If you have any questions about fit, dressing or design see our FAQs below or reach out via email or our socials.

Looking for support

You are not alone!

A hip dysplasia diagnosis can be very difficult time for both bub and their family. We have setup a SUPPORT HUB with downloads, stories, Facebook support groups & helpful product links.

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