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Developmental Milestones & DDH - Our chat with Britt from Upside Kids
Wonderful to chat with Britt from @britt_kidsphysio  & @upside_kids chatting your questions & developmental milestones. Britt touches on things to avoid & encourage. Watch our chat online now.
Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip in Children With Upside Physio
One of the things your midwife, child & family health nurse and doctor will check for after birth, in your newborn examinations and check-ups will be developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH). This condition affects the hip joints of babies and young children.
Lilah's Story
💕Meet Lilah a #hipwarrior, read about her determination & inspiring story💕A click in Lilah's right hip at birth and creases that never matched, we were told her hip dysplasia was very mild and not to worry. The 6week maternal health check up...
This month we have so many special celebrations lined up. #hipdysplasiaawareness & education is our mission!
Our journey into the world of Hip Dysplasia clothing
You may have known us as a previous name, we've had a few. Originally starting my business in 2015 when my children were under my feet we have been through a few changes as the hobby evolved into a thriving business. Read how we are making Hip Dysplasia Clothing our main priority and providing inclusive clothing options while building a community online.